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1841 New England Barn

This is a five bent, three bay, gable entry, hand-hewn timber frame from Eaton, NH.

The barn is 36'x37' with 12' bays and bents on approximate 9' 4" centers.  It is a very well braced barn with long corner braces.  The framing members are Pine, Spruce and Hemlock.  Great Barn! Circa 1841.





1850 Hollis, Maine

This barn is a circa 1850, 38'x 48' gable entry New England Barn. Timbers are hewn Red Pine. The ties and plates are continuous (note the 48' plates and 38' ties on my 24' flatbed!).  The bents are on ~12' centers with a 14' hay mow, a 12' center aisle, and a 12' tie up. A classic barn with the English Tying Joint.


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1810 Carriage Barn, West Bethel, ME

(We just raised this frame. Look in Our Previous Work link.) This is three bent, hand hewn frame from West Bethel, Maine. The timbers are White Pine and the braces are Oak. The frame utilizes the classic English Tying Joint which is typical to this barn's era (1810). Note how the major rafter/common purlin system is connected with long braces under the purlins. This is a nice detail that makes the roof system very ridged. The frame is 30' X 24'6". With a 15' post it is a full two stories. It would make a great guest house, studio, or carriage barn.






Circa 1790 English Barn

Here is a late 1700's English Barn from North Fryeburg, Me.  It is a hewn frame approximately 30'x60'.  We believe the original barn to be 30'x40 with the remaining 20' feet added soon after the original.  The frame is primarily Eastern White Pine with some Hemlock posts.  The timbers are large in this frame.  This barn would make a great house conversion.  It could easily be scaled back to the original 30'x40' size.  However, the additional 20' would make for a wonderful master suite in the loft with room below for more bedrooms, utilities etc.  This allows for most of the barn to remain open.





Circa 1800 Carriage Barn


This 24x24 frame is of hewn chestnut and pine.

A full two storys, this frame would make a great addition, small house or small barn/garage.




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