Custom Cut Timber Frames

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Greenville, ME

This is a 42' by 60' gable entry barn. The full tie and plate frame incorporates the English tying joint. Design and joinery are historically correct, as is with all our frames.  more photos

Lovell, Maine Barn

This is a 36’x36’, interrupted tie, gable entry barn. The two lean to sheds increase the footprint to 36’x56’. Still incorporating the English Tying joint, the frame’s interior posts reach the rafters.   more photos

Stow, Maine Barn

This is a 34’ x 36’ gable entry barn frame, cut from hemlock and pine. The full tie and plate frame incorporates the English Tying Joint. Traditional design with historically correct joinery.  more photos

Jackson, NH Yankee Barn

This is a classic gable entry Yankee Barn, 36’ x 40'. The design and joinery are historically correct (as are all of our frames) The full tie and plate frame incorporates the English Tying Joint and is cut from Hemlock, Pine and Oak.  more photos

Kennebunkport Barn

This is a 26’ x 36’ two story, barn frame with an attached 12’ x 36’ lean to shed. The frame is Pine and Hemlock. Much of the timber was cut and milled from the owner’s property. Half of the frame is lofted with the other half open to the rafters. The frame utilizes the English tying joint (tapered posts with full length tie beams dovetailed over the full length plate).  more photos

Arundel Farm Stand, ME

This is a 24’x30’ frame cut from Pine, Hemlock and Oak. It is basically a small English Barn. The full tie and plate frame utilizes tapered post and the English Tying Joint. (Typical in most of our two story frames).   more photos

Limington, ME Barn

24’ x 36’ barn frame cut from hemlock and oak.   more photos

South Bridgton, Maine Boat Building Shop

This frame is 28’ x 40’ with a 12’ shed. The clear span frame utilizes a Queen Post Truss. The frame was designed with no interior posts so the owner has an unobstructed work space to build wooden boats. Full tie and plate frame of Hemlock, Pine and Oak.   more photos

Freedom, NH Barn

This is a 32'x36' barn frame. Full tie and plate frame with English Tying Joint. The frame will be fully insulated with finished living space on the second floor. Hemlock, Oak and Pine.   more photos

Gorham, Maine Barn

This 42’ x 60’ Gable Entry Barn Frame cut from Pine, Hemlock and Oak. Tie beams are full 42’ timbers and the frame incorporates the English Tying Joint. Frame design and joinery are historically correct.   more photos

Martha's Vineyard Barn

Classic English style barn with traditional and historically correct joinery throughout. (typical of our designs.)The frame is a 4 bent, 3 bay, 28’ x 36’ eave entry barn. The frame is cut from Hemlock and Oak.   more photos

Parsonsfield, ME

This is the Parsonfield Barn. It is a 36'x48' gable entry New England Barn. The design and joinery are historically correct. Note the full plates and ties and the English Tying Joint. This frame is for a working farm. The frame is cut from Pine, Hemlock and Red Oak.  more photos

Caribou Barn

This is a new 34’ x 40’ Barn cut from antique timber. This is a dropped tie frame with common rafters and a major purlin. The timber was salvaged from the property’s original 40’ x 60’ barn that was falling down. The salvageable material dictated the size and design of the frame. The frame design is typical of barns in Northern Maine.  more photos

Bridgton Maine Carriage Barn

26’ x 26’ Carriage Barn. Classic dropped tie frame. (Wedged dovetail tying joint at interior bent) English Tying joint at gables.  more photos

Twin Mountain, NH

This is a barn style house frame cut from hemlock and oak. It is 26'x28' with a 12' shed. Full two stories. Design was inspired by the 200 year old West Bethel barn we dismantled several years ago.  more photos

Kezar Lake, ME

Here is a 31' x 41' barn frame cut from Hemlock, Pine and Oak. Full tie and plate frame utilizing the English Tying joint. (plates are full 41' timbers!) There is one clear span Queen Post Truss in the frame. (Not typical to a barn frame, but more common in church or meeting house frames.)  more photos

Sebago Lake, ME

This is a 28'x36' house frame at Sebago Lake. With full ties and plates, this is a modern adaptation of a classic cape. The major rafter roof system has braced queen posts and hip rafters facing the lake. Timbers are Hemlock and Oak. Traditional joinery throughout.  more photos

Lincoln, MA

This is a 24'x28' frame with an attached 12'x28' shed. The timber frame is Hemlock and Oak. The design incorporates a wedged dovetail (dropped tie) and the English Tying Jiont (at the gables). The frame is completely lofted over for a full second floor. While this frame will be used as a barn, the design would be great for a small two bedroom house. It is located in Lincoln, Mass.  more photos

Martha's Vineyard/Chappaquiddick Barn Frame

This small barn frame is 24’ x 28’ with a 12’ shed. Rough sawn Hemlock and Oak. Half of the barn is lofted.  more photos

Freeport, ME

This is the Freeport Barn. It is 28'x 30' and is cut from rough sawn Hemlock. The braces are Red Oak. The four bent frame consists of three dropped ties (wedged dovetail) and one King Post Truss. Plates and ties are full pieces. (A traditional element typical in all of our frame designs).  more photos

Freedom, NH

This is a new frame cut from the salvaged parts of the customer's collapsed barn. I had to incorporate some new timber too. Original barn was 36'x36'. It is now 24'x34' (salvageable material dictating the size)  more photos

Bickford Pond

This is the Bickford Pond Frame. This frame was cut from Hemlock and Oak. The three bent frame is 26' x 28' with a loft. The first two bents utilize a dropped tie (Wedged Dovetail) to create a knee wall for the loft. The gable bent uses the traditional English Tying Joint.  more photos

Freeport Addition

This is a great room addition in Freeport, Maine. It is a good example of a King Post Truss with common purlins. The timbers are planed Hemlock. The span is 22 feet.  more photos

Moose Pond, ME

This frame is a 30'x34' camp on Moose Pond. The frame incorporates both the English Tying joint and a wedged dovetail tying joint (dropped tie to create a small loft). Timbers in the frame are stained.  more photos

Eaton, NH

This is a 20' x 30' horse barn with an attached 12' shed. It is a tie below the plate frame (wedged dovetail) cut from rough sawn Hemlock. The braces are Red Oak. The barn was designed to house two horses. The shed will accommodate the owner's horse trailer. Note the overhang at the eave side stall doors. You will also see the double tie at the gables. (Typical in antique frames of this style...  more photos

Bethel, ME

This is a 16'x24' addition to a house in Bethel, Maine. The timbers are planed Eastern White Pine. The braces and railings are Oak salvaged from a 200 year old house.  more photos

Hiram, ME

This is a new 20'x30' Barn. The frame is Hemlock with Red Oak braces. This frame incorporates a classic wedged dovetail tying joint. The resulting knee wall in this tie below the plate frame provides a bit more head room in the loft. This design is common in attached ell frames and extended or high posted cape frames.  more photos

Acton, MA

This is a queen post trussed frame, 24' x 36'. The clear span is accomplished utilizing a classic queen post truss. Posts are close to 20' tall and taper from 8" to 14" to accommodate the English Tying Joint. Ties and plates are full, typical in historic frames and most of our designs.   more photos

Moosehead Lake, Maine

Moosehead Lake House. This is an eight bent frame with full tie and plates, 22’x57’. King Post Truss over living room and kitchen. Rough Sawn Hemlock and Red Oak.   more photos

Buckingham, PA

This is a four season porch addition to a late 1700's farmhouse in Buckingham, Pa. The King Post trusses rest on stonework that matches the house. The timbers are Eastern White Pine that were hand planed then stained.  more photos

Freedom, NH

This is a new 36'x36' house frame cut from trees on the owner's property in Freedom, NH. This frame was designed from a classic four bent, three bay English style barn common to the area. Note continuous 36' ties and plates. Wood used is Eastern White Pine, Red Pine, Spruce and Red Oak. Timbers were stained to look older.  more photos

Fryeburg, ME

Here is Maine Mountain Post & Beam's shop, circa 2013. We are located at 417 Portland Street in Fryeburg, Maine. (Just South of town on Route 113) The 40' X 60' frame is rough sawn Hemlock with Red Oak braces cut from the site. Stop in and say hi!   more photos

Gorham, ME

This is a new frame cut from both antique timber and new timber. The frame was designed around the owner's inventory of antique timber that they had salvaged from an older house. The frame is 27' x 46'. (the length of antique timber dictating the size). The building will be used as a small barn/garage. The design of the frame incorporates the English Tying Joint with tapered posts and...  more photos

North Otter Pond, ME

The North Otter Pond Camp. Here is a simple queen post truss roof system for a log cabin. Cut from rough sawn Hemlock, the trusses sit atop a cabin built by the owner. The ties and purlins extend beyond the building to provide a two foot overhang. Half of the building is lofted.  more photos

Brownfield, ME

This is the great room for a house in Brownfield, Me. The frame is planed Pine with Red Oak braces. The design is based on an extended or tall posted cape and utilizes a Wedged Dovetail Tying Joint. The foot print is 24'x28'.  more photos

St.John, USVI

This is a King Post Trussed roof system for a Villa on St.John USVI. We shipped the timbers to St John and cut the roof system on site. (Great winter work!) The wood is Cypress. The three King Post Trusses support hip and common rafters and span 24 feet. This is the ceiling in the Living Room.  more photos

Worcester, MA

Here is a small outbuilding that is used as studio and garden shed. The design was inspired by the owner's vision of a Japanese Tea House. However, we call it the Yankee Tea House since it utilizes traditional New England joinery throughout.  more photos

Conway, NH

This is a 18' x 14' screen porch. King Post Truss. Hemlock and Oak frame.   more photos


This Cape and attached Ell are new frames cut from antique timber.   more photos

Waterville Valley, NH

This small barn and two story attached shed are based on a series of antique structures that the customer wanted to replicate. Sawn Hemlock, Pine and Oak frames.   more photos

Dr. Moses Mason’s Office/Library

This is a 16’ x 20’ Hemlock and Oak frame we recently designed, cut and assembled for the Bethel Historical Society. It is a replica of Dr. Mason’s office/lbrary that once stood on the historical society’s property. The frame showcases two methods of tying a building together, the english tying joint and a wedged dovetail. The frame will be left exposed on the interior and used as a...  more photos

Lovell, Maine Entry

This 18’ x 24’ frame will be the entry to an antique barn frame we re-assembled in Lovell, Maine. The frame is stained hemlock and oak and incorporates a wedged dovetail tying joint typical in high posted capes or ells with a knee wall.  more photos

Effingham, NH Addition

This is a 20’ x 30’ addition to a 200 year old cape. The full two story ell incorporates the English Tying Joint. Timbers are rough sawn Oak and Hemlock stained to match the antique timber of the cape.  more photos

South Eaton Meeting House, NH

We donated this 16’ x 20’’ shed to the South Eaton Meeting House. The timber frame will be used as storage and as overflow for events, complimenting the grounds of the circa 1841 Meeting House. The Hemlock and Oak frame was raised by hand by a group of volunteers.  more photos

Cornish, ME House Frame

This is a 36' by 36' barn style house frame. The three story frame is cut from oak and hemlock. The customer requested that the timbers be stained dark to create more of a contrast with their wall finish.   more photos

Kennebunk, ME

24’x36’ two story barn frame with 12’x36’ lean to shed. First floor to be used as shop space, second floor living space. Hemlock and Pine frame. Full ties and plates. English Tying Joint. Historically correct joinery throughout.  more photos

Denmark, ME

This is a shed style frame cut from hemlock and oak. The 2-story frame is a lake house on Granger Pond in Denmark, Maine.  more photos

Hiram, ME Barn

This is a drop tie frame cut from Hemlock and Oak. 20 x 24. To be used as a small barn. Would make a great cabin or small house frame.  more photos